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National Child Abuse Prevention Month

March 30, 2012




Get Ready for National Child Abuse Prevention Month

Awareness about child abuse and neglect strengthens communities and builds support for children and families in the effort to prevent child abuse. Learn how you can raise awareness during National Child Abuse Prevention Month in April and throughout the year through the 2012 Prevention Month web section on the Information Gateway website.

The section features:

  • Preventing Child Maltreatment and Promoting Child Well-Being: Network to Action 2012 Resource Guide
  • Tip sheets addressing particular parenting concerns or questions—in English and Spanish—to distribute to parents and caregivers
  • A calendar for April with activities relating to the Six Protective Factors
  • Prevention Month widgets to post on your website

Your feedback is important to us! Please take the survey on the Prevention Month web section and give us your input. For more information on Prevention Month, contact Child Welfare Information Gateway at 1.800.394.3366 or

The 18th National Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect is April 16-20, 2012 in Washington, D.C. For more information and to register, visit





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